Breathe w/ Aravind - Tetra Group Breathwork

30 Nov 11:00

Pyramid Yoga

About This Event:
This is a regular group class conducted with groups of 8 to 10 people. Tetra Breathwork is a breath of compassion built on two pillars: breath and awareness. The process of breathing is accompanied by awareness throughout. The healing comes from allowing the sensation to be there.

Tetrabreath Overview:

Breathing practice promotes healing and awakening through the use of breath. Following a specific breathing pattern gradually shift your mind into a subtly different state of consciousness, and a natural healing system in the body is activated.

This type of breath is based on circular breath and may bring both physical healing and spiritual awakening.

Minimum Age:

What You Can Expect From This Offering:

Providing a safe and confidential container
Release suppressed emotions, traumas, and wounds
Connect to your higher self for clarity
Remember and access your truth and purpose
Energetically lighten the load on your mind, body, and soul by providing a safe and confidential container

Benefits of Tetra Breathwork:

Body’s natural healing system is activated.
Helps to stabilize the mind, body, and emotions.
Helps ease anxiety and tension
Stress reduction
Spiritual awakening
Gets rid of depression and anxiety
Clears energy blockages and boosts energy

During the session:

You will breathe for about 70 minutes. We’ll begin with some introduction to Tetra breath, How it works, and discuss what can happen during the breathwork session.

Duration of the Sessions:

Normally the sessions are 2 hours long, with a 1hr and 15 min Breathwork journey. I show up from a very intuitive place and the experience is always personalized to what will serve you most.