REIKI Level I at Orion

30 Nov 09:00

Orion Healing

Learn the technique that you can use to heal yourself and others, using the Divine Universal Life Force Energy that is your birthright.

Our Reiki courses start at Beginner level I, and go all the way up to Reiki IV Master Teacher training. Courses range from two to four days.

Day 1
• The History of Reiki
• Orion Reiki
• How, When, Why & What we can use Reiki
• Reiki for mediation and Self Mastery
• Reiki Lineage
• The Five Reiki Principles
• Divine Love’s Secret

Day 2
• The Chakra System
• Traditional Usui hand positions
• Giving Reiki to yourself and other
• Intuitive Healing
• Reiki attunement
• Reiki healing practice
• Sharing circle

Reiki is a frequency that promotes balance and harmony, it boosts relaxation and thus reduces stress. This “Divine Universal Life Force Energy” is our birth right and is available for all regardless of belief system, religion, race, gender by means of attuning our cosmic vibration to this frequency.

Orion Reiki is a new generation frequency that was channeled through Ari Barkan, co - founder of Orion Healing Center, in 2000. This frequency is more attuned to these times of planetary change. At Orion Healing Centre we initiate pupils into traditional Reiki and Orion Reiki together.

The teaching of Orion Reiki is to give us tools for this era, where humanity has made the shift to a higher level of consciousness; these tools are transferred though the energetic code embedded into Orion Reiki sessions and attunements. More and more people are resonating to a higher frequency, that of unconditional love, where we feel into the deep needs of each other, all earth beings and the planet. Each session, Reiki initiation and Reiki Master attuned has a role to play in rejuvenation of planet Earth.

We feel deeply passionate about spreading these teachings and connecting as many people as possible to this “wordless language of the heart”, that we all speak and unites us; unconditional love.

Reiki Level I - 2 Day Reiki I - 7,000 THB
3 - 4 Oct
7 - 8 Nov
15 - 16 Nov
29 - 30 Nov

Reiki Level II - 2 Day Reiki II - 9,000 THB
5 - 6 Oct
1 - 2 Dec
Reiki III & IV Master Teacher Duration of program 4 days – 25,000 THB
28 - 29 Sep
10 - 13 Oct
5 - 8 Dec

All Courses
Receive a 10% discount if booking 2 or more courses together.

Receive a 20% discount if booking all Reiki levels


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I have had the pleasure of learning Reiki level 2,3 and Master teacher qualifications with both the owners of Orion. Their level of experience and professionalism has impressed me and I thank them both for all they have taught me. Following my Reiki master teacher completion they have given me the space and opportunity to practice at Orion and become more competent. I cannot recommend Orion Healing Centre highly enough.
-Sammy UK

My experience of receiving the Master Reiki training was amazing and powerful.
I really felt I upgraded on my understanding of the process of Energy exchange and know deeper this new experience of giving healing as well.
I recommend to anyone who really would like to live a beautiful experience of learning reiki to go for this training.
Daliah is a super Reiki Master from years and really knows how to transmit her knowledge with passion.
-Elsa, France

Orion has a warm and welcoming community spirit. I have spent many days at this seaside hub learning Reiki from two of the very devoted Reiki Masters, eating incredible plant-based food mashed up in the most delicious and creative ways, and most recently, detoxing.
-Collen Canada

My Reiki level 1 was with Reiki Master and owner Daliah, it felt very special for her to be sharing her knowledge and gifts with us. And the Reiki was powerful and clearing. So now I have the skills to practice reiki on myself and others, I can't wait to do level 2. I can highly recommend a visit to Orion, also for the amazing vegan food in their café and the exceptional yoga, in one of their 3 gorgeous shalas!
-Nicole Australia