Mind & Emotion Reset retreat (1 & 2 weeks psycho-emotional detox)

9 Oct 00:00

Shakti Yoga

We provide guidance for those who have learned and are ready to move on. A full psycho-emotional detox.

Emotional reset retreat, Koh Phangan, Thailand, at Shakti Yoga Retreat Center. You can join for one or two weeks.

This retreat is for you if:

~You have reached a plateau. Your life needs fresh inspiration, you feel unfulfilled or flat and need to break out.
~You have reached a crossroad. You now seek guidance in order to proceed. You feel overwhelmed, confused and need to nurture, contemplate your options and move on.
~You are passing through a crisis. The ground seems unstable underneath you. You seek encouragement, empowerment and support to re-align to your center.

The morning meditation and the yoga sessions will quiet the mind and re-connect you with your body. The rebirthing breathwork sessions will activate your self-healing process and the private quantum healing session will connect you to your inner powers. The Leela mystic game and the Neuromapping session will reveal the subconscious patterns that are affecting your every-day life. You will stay in a private bungalow at the beach-front small resort, with high quality food that you will enjoy at your own preferred time.

You will have enough time to integrate your experiences and choose solitude or socialising, as it feels appropriate for you.

All this, in the tropical paradise of Koh Phangan, a place of high vibrational field. The healing island.

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