Breathwork & ICE BATH - Sauna - Every FRIDAY at 13:30

14 Jun 13:30

Orion Healing

Join a truly transformative experience every Friday with our exclusive guided Breathwork, Ice Bath & Sauna workshop at Orion Healing Center in Koh Phangan!
Every FRIDAY at 13:30-15:30
Here's a glimpse of what awaits you:
In the beautiful garden of Orion healing center, we will learn the secrets of how to properly and safely dip and stay in Icy cold water:
BREATH: You’ll learn Breathing techniques that will help calm & manage your nervous system. Amazing techniques that will help you manage stressful life situations even outside the Ice.
ICE: Immerse in an Ice cold water bath with my personal guidance and support.

SAUNA: enjoy the relaxation of the Hot Sauna (steam & Infra Red).
a perfect combination of holistic experience that combines the power of Breathwork Ice Bath and Sauna to elevate your well-being.

- Breathwork + Ice bath + Sauna (all evening): 600THB.

For the best experience with the breath technique, attend the event on an empty stomach. If you must eat beforehand, eat light meal and allow 40-60 minutes space before the event.
What to bring?
-change of clothes

Some of the benefits of Ice bath:
Mind-Body Harmony: The cold plunge induces a deep sense of relaxation, balancing your mental and emotional well-being, where your body and mind meet zen.
Stress Relief: Experience a natural stress buster! The Ice Bath helps alleviate tension, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.
Detoxification: Feel the cleansing power as the cold water invigorates your lymphatic system, flushing out toxins and promoting overall body detoxification.
Energy Boost: Witness a surge in energy levels as your body responds to the cold, promoting increased circulation and overall vitality. Cold exposure shown to increase dopamine level up 250%
Anti Aging:
• Enhanced Blood Circulation: Boost oxygen and nutrient delivery for a radiant complexion.
• Inflammation Reduction: Combat skin inflammation for a smoother appearance.
• Brown Fat Activation: Ignite metabolism for potential weight management.
• Collagen Boost: Stimulate collagen production to reduce wrinkles.
Conquer Fear: Break mental barriers and step outside your comfort zone.
Community Connection: Join a like-minded community on a path to wellness and self-discovery.
Basia is a Trauma Aware certified therapist with over 8 years of experience in Breathworks, Meditation, Yoga & Detox. Her curiosity and health issues motivated her to create this transformative journey towards Mental & Physical well being. Her priority is to creat safe and supportive space on Your HERO Journey.
FRIDAY 13:30-15:30
Orion Healing Centre
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+66 979725008
IG: HealingWithBasia
Breathwork & Ice Bath - Sauna
Every Tuesday & Friday at 13:30 at Orion Healing Center
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