Innerdance to freedom

2 Mar 14:00

Samma Karuna

Innerdance to freedom....nothing to do! Still only 300 BAHT at the samma Karuna welcoming centre available anytime on the day of the event...A lay down sound revealing process...let's see what comes up and allow it to be...myself and Jarunee will be waiting for you. the longer description for those of my German friends and others who require more……..
Experience a music based self-awareness process that guides participants into expanded states of consciousness through sound, touch, inquiry and one's own willingness to trust the process where intuitive self-healing happens.
In the last decade, the Inner Dance process has been conducted across many parts of Asia, the Americas, Europe and Oceania for the phenomenal stages of transcendence it has historically brought people into which leads to the awakening of an internal energy and intuitive self-healing.
Begin in Shavasana, eyes closed, body at rest. Sonic waves en-train the brain-state. Beta, alpha, theta, delta, gamma (mu). No doing. Just Being. Working with the power of sound & vibratory resonance, the inner dance process invites us to realise, heal and journey beyond the layers of fear & pain that form our ego identity. Delving into the universe within, remembering we are one-with-all. The inner dance is awaking dream state, a dance of the consciousness, a journey back to Love. A moment, a space where we drop all that identifies us as us, to unite with the source of our true being. To the heart-space to connect with All that is, shedding the layers of fear, attachment & conditioning that has imprisoned us in our identity, over the lifetimes. Kundalini spirals, spontaneously we move, we see, we cry, we feel & energies shift. The body remembers, its wisdom arises through catharsis, release, visions, clarity. Consciousness dances, as we dream the Self-Awake.
Free yourself from any expectations, assessments and judgments about the perception of who you are, and just be who you are now.
The practice of Inner Dance was discovered by Pi Villaraza, originally from the Philippines, Manila.
Having reached certain achievements in his career, at the age of 25 he decides to go on a pilgrimage for a deeper understanding of the spiritual side of our existence. Practicing daily meditations, as well as a coconut diet and reaching high states of consciousness, one day it came to him understanding how to gain access to internal sources of energy. So, over time, he begins to share this awareness with people from all over the world through the practice of Inner Dance.
Journeys of unlearning and shedding layers that hide who you really are. Spaces to immerse yourself to what is sacred within and around allow what wants to be expressed through release what s no longer hear your free your celebrate the being that you are - How would it feel like to remember who you really are .