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Hollystone Saturday



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Holystone Saturday - it’s small festival every week!

At the mysterious n spot by the lake in the middle of the island of which not even the locals know. Lights and sound are up, music is pumping and uplifting. And the vibes is first grade island-wild!

Two years on and the place has transformed beyond recognition. Magic, welcoming and diverse. Literally an oasis of good vibes and great sounds. Every Saturday we wish you could join us DANCE!

Here at Hollystone we are the purveyors of the sounds you hear. We layed the foundations to this a little over a year ago when the eponymous Label was founded and the unique productions you hear found their home.

So when you come and hear it - most likely you’d be dancing to the sounds that were never heard before anywhere else in the world. Would this music be played far and wide the next season? Remains to be seen. For now - it’s just @ the Hollystone!

Feel Free to be more open with who you really are.
Look around you and find inspiration and inspire others by your own!

We are playing good vibe music - no matter what genre it is.
We are keeping you smiling and attending you to dance and and have fun
We are doing better and better every time

Start 9pm
Free Entry

Hollystone Relax Park
28 Sep 20:00