Ceremony for King Rama IX Birthday Thong Sala

12 feb 2021


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In case everyone on the island has not noticed it might be spitting with rain a little today on Koh Phangan.


However, it is the birthday of The Late Great King Rama IX today and there is a ceremony in Thong Sala which has started this afternoon culminating in a celebration for the King later today.

Everyone is expected to wear black but obviously there are many waterproof ponchos' being worn which range from yellow to pink which appear to be acceptable whilst the rain is pouring down.


There are free haircuts, free food, free black clothing, free Ice Cream and a general positive vibe even though the weather is testing peoples patience a little! If you can pass a small donation to the people making the effort then this will be a fantastic contribution for the Thai people who are there making everyones day as happy as it can be for the celebration of the King Rama IX birthday.

The taxis' across all the island are providing a free service to Thong Sala and a free service back home again so even though the weather is terrible! There is no reason not to go down and have a look get a free haircut by professional hairdressers and eat some of the amazing Thai food on offer from some of the best Thai food vendors on the island.


The taxis' were driving around Chaloklum this morning offering free drop off and pick up so it would be great to see the Farang community joining in and making the effort to visit Thong Sala Pier to join in with the local Thai people to celebrate King Rama IX birthday.

The event is happening all day today so please join us in making the effort in this joyous but wet occasion!