Beautiful Sunset Spots on our island of Koh Phangan

22 jan 2016

Where are your favourite sunset spots? Everyone has their own, here are a selection of some of the best places to catch the sun’s evening performance…

Amsterdam Bar
One of the best places for sunset for sure. A ‘must do’ if you are only on Phangan for a few days.

They have a large comfortable seating area with thai cushions to relax on and enjoy the high views at sunset.

Phangan Cove
A beautiful place next to Sri Thanu pier makes Phangan Cove a great place for sunset.

The pier and bay itself is beautiful, the sea is usually flat and there’s no hills around, it’s a plain so you can see a lot of it. When the light hits the water the reflection is very big and surreal, it has the look of a painting.

Ku Club/Beach Village
On Ban Tai beach this spot is especially nice if they are playing music.

Grab a nice cocktail from Beach Village’s Tiki Bar and enjoy the view over to Samui to watch a spectacular sunset whilst the local thai’s collect shellfish in the shallow water.

Beck’s Resort
Great for a sunset as you can see the neighbouring island in front and you have a stereotypical island swing hanging off of a lazy palm tree to chill on.

Seaside Bungalows in Haad Rin
Just a nice relaxing wooden bar and although it is on the ‘Sunrise’ side of the island, sunset seems to work really well there.

Phangan Great Bay
A very quiet place if you sit on the beach outside the resort. It is also dog friendly as there is a pack of dogs that live there but they’re chillin.

Friendly staff at the bar if you want to get a drink as well.

Kupu Kupu
Probably one of the best places to enjoy sunset and they have happy hour from 4 - 6pm.

For many of us locals that don’t normally get to enjoy such a luxurious setting the two for one offer makes it a worthwhile investment for sunset.

On the road to Secret Beach
Just before you go down the hill to Secret Beach there is a place to stop on the left side but it is narrow so be careful to bike the bike well.

You can see a mile or two in front of you and you are very high up, it’s a peak in the hill. An amazing view of sunset.