Before Koh Phangan and After - People in Pictures

12 feb 2021


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We here at Phanganist know that people go through many changes here on this little island. But we're not neccessarily talking about outward changes, more 'transformational' changes as Phangan is a very powerful place.

But people do go through 'outward' changes also! So we thought it would be fun to do a before and after Koh Phangan article on some of our Phanganst pals.

Some have changed greatly and some not at all, all in the name of fun, thanks to everyone who cooperated!

Andrea Srirat from Pet Tawan Jewellry

The difference between these two photos is around eighteen years and Adrea looks beautiful in both of them, because she is!

Jo Moontribe

Jo seems to have grown a bit more hair and Moontribe style of course!


Still posing as he was back in the day, in fact Sharon is usually behind the camera and not in front...

Artist Bry0

From crazy red haired rebel to just crazy rebel embracing Koh Phangan life.


Our lovely Jeff's frist photo was taken in Yemen in 2001, the second in Guys Bar last year, more refined and handsome we think!

Christopher Thomas

A kind part of the community then and also now, nowadays just with more paint.