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Will Thailand be approved as a safe destination by EU?

28 Jun 2020

Diplomats said Saturday, the EU can not agree on a list of "safe countries" from which travelers could visit Europe in July, with some member states requiring more time to make decisions.

After days of talks, EU envoys agreed on Friday to offer their national governments a list of 14 countries, with the United States, where coronavirus is still spreading, to remain excluded.

Croatia, currently holding the EU's rotating presidency, requested that countries provide feedback at 1600 GMT by Saturday, with hopes that the matter could then be put to a vote among the 27 Member States.
the EU source told AFP the decision is expected to be finalized on Monday, as consultations are still ongoing  

There are only 14 countries in the proposed "safe" list: Thailand, Tunisia, Montenegro, Morocco, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, New Zealand, Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, and Uruguay.

Crucially, an entry would be approved for travelers from China, but on condition that Beijing does the same for Europeans.

Non-essential EU travel has been banned since mid-March, but only as the COVID-19 pandemic grew after member states closed their national borders in confusion and without coordination.

As the infection rate decreases — at least in Europe — and some countries hoped for close EU coordination, the restrictions will be gradually lifted from July 1 onwards.

What is decided in Brussels will only exist as a recommendation since border control remains a national competence and a limited number of flights have continued throughout the crisis to and from banned countries.

Travelers from the United States, Brazil, and Canada would remain banned under those criteria.