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Bach Remedies Self Treatment Course - Thailand, Koh Phangan


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Bach Remedies Self Treatment Course
Mentoring for Emotional Therapy 
By: Vered Perry 

"The ability to take care of ourselves and our surroundings is an ability given to everyone.
This does not contradict the need to use body and mind experts when necessary.
At the same time, we have the opportunity to be aware at any given moment of what we feel, to understand what oppresses us and to know that every given situation has a natural response that can advance the process and bring us back to balance. " 
Dr. Edward Bach

What is Bach's treatment method?

Bach Remedies are an energetic and subtle treatment method to encourage self- healing and relieve the stress that affects our daily lives and our personal development. 
This method is based on 38 essences of wild flowers which were discovered and developed around 90 years ago by Dr. Edward Bach, an English physician and homeopath. 
The vision of Dr. Bach was for each household to have a Bach Remedies kit along with its first aid kit. 
This method is suitable for adults, children and babies. 

Course Objectives:

The goal of this course is to provide a self- treatment response for each imbalance in our daily lives, and providing a solution for emotional distress that disrupts our balance and prevents us from achieving personal growth. 
Learning and becoming familiar with each one of the essences enable the participants to learn more about themselves. 
As we explore the depths of our subconsciousness while learning to identify and treat our emotional states we heal our self and achieve personal balance. 

Studying Methods:

* Theoretical material
* Understanding Dr. Bach's self-healing philosophy and implementing with guided meditations
* Experiencing the remedies on ourselves during the course
* Demonstrating through, and learning from our classmates’ personal experiences (demonstrating live cases within the group)
* Pendulum work
* Learning and practicing the 72 names technology from the kaballah (for more information see this link)


* Introduction to the Bach flowers, their healing powers and their place in nature
* Identifying the situations for which these remedies should be used
* Self-diagnosis
* How to prepare the solution and how to use it in various essences
* Balancing various feelings and situations in our life, such as:
Releasing internal blockages
Balancing our mood 
Relieving emotional and technical loads
Anger and anger bursts at home
Coping with fears 
Hormonal balance (women)
And many more…

About the Teacher:


Vered Perry is a spiritual teacher and authorized group psychotherapist. She instructs process meditations and trains Bach Therapists. She has been running a clinic for treating women in crisis for the past 15 years, as well as instructing courses and meditation workshops in Israel and abroad. She lives in Israel. 

How is the course conducted?

The course is made up of five daily meetings from 10:00 - 16:00 

Each day we will have 3 sessions that will include instruction of the theoretical, practical and spiritual materials, Guided meditations, guidance of practical aspects - diagnosing and preparing the formulas, using the essences in class, a delicious lunch that we will share together everyday and refreshing dips in the pool. 


We will be spending our 5 days together in the beautiful SUNSET HILL resort in the new pearl shala over looking the bay. 
We will enjoy use of the infinity pool during breaks and at the end of the day can stay for spectacular sunsets.


Standard price: 420 Euro - 15,000 baht

Early bird price for registration before February 18th: 390 Euro - 14,000 baht

*** Special prices for people that live on the Island, couples and groups.


We offer participants that wish to stay at Sunset Hill resort during the class a reduced price - contact us or the resort for accommodation & course package

For booking:

For more details and registration contact us at:

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Sunset Hill Apartment Resort
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