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DJ HedSPIN at Sugar - Wednesday 23rd August


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Rewind. Hes back for another heavy show! Dont miss out Sugar's favorite Partyrocker on August 23rd!

Hedley "Hedspin" Tuscano is a Vancouver based Philipino DJ. That is to say, both his parents are Philipno and he resides in Vancouver. I'm not implying that he plays Philipino music. Except all the Philipinos I know listen to rap music, and Hedley does too. Also, as I understand - there is no "F" in the Philipino alphabet. Do they have all the 26 other letters except for the "F". Hedspin ain't nothin to "F" wit? Just to confuse me more - Philipino is actually spelled Filipino yet Filipinos refer to themselves as Pinoy. I'm going with Filipino from here on in.

Bring it back.

Being a person of Filipino descent living in North Americian, Hedspin had two choices. Become a male Nurse, a Housekeeper, a Boxer, a Pool player, run a Karaoke bar, or become a DJ or a Breakdancer.

As a youth he had terrifying nightmares of himself, draped in an endless supply of wristbands and headbands, spinning on his head for hours while desperately hot and horny dancing girls were pushed away as the break circle took over the entire club.

His dreams, however, were vivid and bold - him in front of Graffiti, headphones around his neck, holding a Technics 1200 and a Serato record, poising for a promo shot that would be used countless times on shitty flyers. That's when he new he wanted to be a DJ.

There are a number of places where you may have first heard world champion DJ Hedspin’s sound: his early work in Vancouver’s club scene; his club edits and remixes spun by his DJ peers on the radio and in clubs; or his spectacular winning set at the 2011 Red Bull Thre3Style World Championship. If you haven’t heard him play, you can catch him as his meteoric rise continues onstage at venues all over the world.

23 Aug 22:00

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