Go Beyond Heartbreak and Manifest Your Hearts Desire

12 Jan 09:00

The Sanctuary

Are you Heartbroken and don’t know how to heal- without wasting years of your life or expensive therapy?

Let me invite you to a tropical paradise to get over your breakup and turbocharge your healing with a licensed therapist, healer, and Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner Emma.

“I came to Koh Phangan to heal from a broken heart but I never found a workshop or retreat that was specific for people going through heartbreak. 
Two weeks after the retreat I met my now partner.”
-Emilie, the latest retreat participant

Join one of my upcoming retreats in Koh Phangan all taking place within the Sanctuary Thailand.

Emma rapidly transforms men and women beyond heartbreak & into self-love, removing blocks and patterns so people can manifest a new partner with confidence & trust.

In her retreats, she co-creates the conditions and holds space for you to take the journey back to your authentic self, recreating your relationship blueprint so you stop attracting the same type of partners over and over again.

She guides people through deep subconscious reprogramming giving them access to evidence-based healing, wholeness & clarity.

The program will condense 8 weeks of 1:1 therapy into two days

Note: Accommodation is very limited at the Sanctuary please book in advance to avoid disappointment.

After this two-day retreat, you will…

👉 Align yourself to manifest your ideal partner so you never have to experience another Narcissist, avoidant, or emotionally unavailable partner.

👉 Let go of self-sabotage and limiting beliefs so you can embody and believe in love again.

👉Fall into self-love and learn the art of setting boundaries without fear of upsetting people.

👉 Heal your attachment wounds so you can make secure connections with others without feeling anxiety.

Expect to take the journey toward feeling wholeness and safety surrounded by a like-minded people.


Emma is a licensed Rapid Transformational Therapist & is a Master in Energy Healing, NLP, Life Coaching, Breath Work Medicine and Cacao Ceremonies.

She has worked extensively with people who have suffered Narcissist abuse, women who have been rejected for younger women, men who have suffered financial abuse, men and women who have been cheated on or rejected, downtrodden, mentally, physically & sexually abused by their partners.

Emma is hosting one and two-day retreats in the coming months, they are: 

  • Go Beyond Heartbreak & Manifest Your Heart’s Desire 12th-13th  January 
  • Manifest Your Desired Partner 14th February 
  • Go Beyond Heartbreak & Manifest Your Hearts Desire _ March TBC

Click here to find out the dates of the retreat(s) & fill out an application form or book a free call with Emma to see if the retreat is for you…