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WLDRNS formerly known as Wilderness, will be releasing a 2-side vinyl, one song each.
- Sthlm South, March 10 (Sthlm is a short for Stockholm).
- Gryningen dog i mina ögon (Swedish for "The dawn died in my eyes" taken from a swedish poet who's voice is sampled in the song).

WLDRNS is an indiepop band from Sweden. Based in the capital Stockholm but all of them grew up in Östersund, a small city in the northern parts of the country. The music is a mix of classic pop songs and instrumental songs with balearic influences. They’re all sharing the vocals and they also use sampled voices from different persons that they admire and support. A lot of inspiration comes from the U.K in the 80’s and 90’s with chorused guitars, glittering synthesizers and rhythms and percussion as a living element in the songs. The mental state of the songs is mostly hope combined with hopelessness. In 2014, they released their first EP “Wilderness” and in 2015 they made their first release outside Europe. The album "Vallsundet 1924" was released by the Bangkok based label Colorcode Records and was followed by a tour that besides a gig in Bangkok included stops in Singapore, Taiwan, Macao and China. This will be WLDRNS second tour in Southeast Asia. Since the show in 2015 was one of WLDRNS most memorable shows they’re really looking forward to be playing in Bangkok again. This tour also include a show at the Big Mountain Music Festival and some shows in Indonesia. They’re more than happy to finally be able to come back to Bangkok and Thailand again!
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Supporting acts:

These Heavy Clouds
"Imagine that you’re blending a 3 AM dance floor, the last days of summer and a life crisis with a can of tinsel. Somewhere in that mess, you will find These Heavy Clouds."
The live show is based on a mixture of music, film and monologues and creates some kind of hybrid between a concert and a live performance.
The first single, Den här hösten kommer döda mig, was released in 2016 and then followed by the pop pearl Dina blickar. The full EP, Jag var molnen, was released may 31.
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Since 1998, a music critic of GT magazine, Ramin Maneesiri became a DJ of bars and clubs in Bangkok. His experiences in sampling and scratching with other DJs and artists, combining with the personal addiction to Trip-Hop music, drove him to self taught music programming. The past experiences with profound skills in Turntable and Vinyl collecting convinced him to make a debut Trip-Hop album, "Because of You" released in 2016, as his passion.
2017 Ramintra joined with Ponnatcha Khummongkol a.k.a FEZT who has the same working style with the same passion in electronic music. The band is working on their new album, which should be released in 2018.
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Evil Dude
Under record label Parinam Music, they are movie nerds who make music from the themes and movies that influenced them.
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Ticket 200 Baht (include 1 free drink). #synthpop #triphop #newwave #shoegaze. Band merchandise will be available at the event.

8.00 pm - Nowhere End Playlist
9.00 pm - Ramintra
9.45 pm - These Heavy Clouds
10.30 pm - Evil Dude
11.15 pm - WLDRNS

Nowhere End:
Call: +66 817 036 136

8 Dec 20:00

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