An interview with DJ APNEA

12 Feb 2021

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DANNY, DJ APNEA (Belgium) is playing for magic Phangan records and for Mahratta records in Spain. " Over the last 6-7 years he has become one of the most popular and busy Djs playing on Phangan. You can enjoy him at Ban SabaiiShiva Moon, Pirate bar, Halfmoon, Blackmon, Fullmoon, Jungle Experience and basically in every Trance party around the island.
When you did first arrive to Koh Phangan and how did it all start for you here?
My first time on Koh Phangan was about 7 years ago. I actually came here as a party person so I weren't really looking for bookings. Same year after that, I played at the Green Spirit festival on Koh Tao. It was at one of their last editions before they stopped and after this party I began to play on Koh Phangan also. I became a part of the Baan Sabaii family and afterwards I played at basically every Trance party around the island. It went quite quickly for me to start playing everywhere because I was lucky to know the right people.
Some parties on the island, such as Jungle Experience and Pirate bar, who used to play Trance, are now playing Tech house and Minimal. It seems like also worldwide the trance scene becomes more underground. Where do you think it’s headed?
Like many styles of music, who had their moments being popular, just to disapier shortly after, I think that the Trance Scene popularity is going a bit back to the underground. But if you look at the fesitvals around the world and at the general party scene, I tend to believe that its bouncing back up slowly.
As we heard, this year twenty twelve, has been a very good year for Goa, more than it has been for many years. I believe that the Trance scene will be coming back. 
It is the same with the Techno scene, that used to be very popular and then for many years nothing much happened and it became very underground. Look at it now, the Techno scene its pretty full power. 
I believe that in trance we are at a similar transition. I think the popularity will come back soon, soon enough. There is a lot of new creativity and new artists, so I see a positive future on the horizon.
Why have you decided to choose Apnea as your DJ name?
Apnea comes from Greek and literally means no breathing. The free divers who dive without tanks are called apnea divers. You get to a certain state of consciousness when you lack oxygen. The same states of altered consciouness can be entered through Dancing.
What kinds of music are you playing?
I hate to put things in boxes but if you want to call it a name, call it Psychedelic Full-On with a little bit of cross over between different styles. The music I play is influenced by the better parts of all styles. Sometime you will hear a bit of progressive elements, sometime a bit more of night-time Psychedelic elements. I think it a nice blend of all styles that comes together in the music I play. 
There are a lot of southern America’s artists, some new upcoming artists as well with a very fresh sound. My style of music is maybe more acceptable to a wider audience than other styles, but I still try to keep it as underground as possible. It does not get too poppy which is something that I really don’t like. It has to be Groovy and Psychedelic for the real trance crowd, It’s always nice to have more people on the dance floor, but I really want please those people who are really coming for the music.
You are resident at Baan Sabaii, what do you think makes this place so special?
What makes Baan Sabaii so special is this family feeling you have at the parties, everybody know each other. It’s a beautiful location on the beach where you can see one of the most magical sunset views in Koh Phangan and on top of that, it’s the real nice people who are coming. It is all the nice freaks that are dancing on that dance floor. That’s what makes it special I think.
What are your next projects for 2012?
There is a party in France I’ll be playing at, there is a party in Sweden and then there is the VuuV festival. Mainly, I’ll be preparing for next season Experience festival occurs during the New Year in Koh Tao.  I’m a part of the production team and responsible for all the graphic design. This year I’m also the contact point to the chill-out artists, so they can send their music and I'll make the selection if it’s fit to the story that we have in mind for the festival. 
I think Im gonna have quite a lot of work now with the preparations for next season.
Seems like you gained some weight, last time I arrived to Ban Sabaii when you played I was sure that it’s Jo at the boot.
Ha ha ha, I think it’s the healthy life and being a happy man can probably also make you a little bit fat. Seeing you, I believe that, you know about that very well too ..:)