I open my Eyes 2 the super blue skies.

24 Mar 2011

I open my Eyes

2 the super blue Skies..
Above me the Sun is Dancing..
Sweet Mood Enhancing.
My Hammock is Swinging -
while my Lucky Gecko is Bringing -
the Tale of 2day -
as he is packing yesterday Away.
The Magic Door
and The Dragons Roar -
The Turtle and The Elephant -
on all of them we live and Chant.
The Sand
will only Stand -
ur bare Toes
where ever they Goes.
We r invited to a colorful Dance -
with Starts and Moons in Happy Trance!
My lucky Geckos Tale -
the Tale of the Day -
is growing Big and Away..
2 make new daily Tales -
4 next mornings
Phangan Fe & Males
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