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Gong Session at BayLounge and Half Moon

16 Feb 2013

kosma solarius dj phangan party half moon
kosma solarius dj phangan party half moon

Kosma Solarius is the GonG Master!

The New Examined GonG Master will Tune his audience into a Natural Frequency only on his GonGs!

Enjoy, along with the Vibrations of Kosma Solarius’s new accomplishment, the beautiful SunSet at the Bay Lounge today and in  Orion Healing Center on Thursdays!

Kosma’s new skills have been well taught from his Space Brother and (now) Fellow GonG Master Jens Zygaar.
Kosta will be conducting GonG ceremonies in Bay Lounge and Orion Healing Center to share his Cosmic GonG Knowledge with everyone who cares!

Today he will be at the Bay Lounge Resort and later at The Half Moon with his Space Brothers .
A spectacular show on GonGs with natural frequencies and different instruments harmonizing with the GonGs.

The Sun Dance Party at the Bay Lounge today will present two stages. A progressive floor and a Chill out.

Sun Dance Floor Line Up :

half moon kosma solarius party phangan gong meditation orion
half moon kosma solarius party phangan gong meditation orion

3-4:30pm Common Tense (IR)
4:30-6pm Clari Ann (Tripical Beats / BR) & Basil Bastard (Sparty / CH)
6-8:00pm Boyonic (Halfmoon Festival / TH)
8:00pm- PHB (FR)

Chill Stage Line Up :

3-5:30pm Space Brothers (Live / VA)
5:30-7pm Mat THC (Eclipse Festival.com / DE)
7-9:00pm Tranquilogen (IR)
9:00- Tuatara (RUS)

Designed decoration by Harmony Team Halfmoon festival, Visuals by Hee Jung, Thai Dance By NannaphatFire show at Dance stage!

There will be Free shuttle service (main road - Bay Lounge)

Entrance is 250 thb + 1 drink

Remember when you are there - not to miss the Half Moon start up tonight either. 
It is a visual, audio(al) and spiritual experiece that is worth your time!!!

A Beautiful Musical Cosmic Adventure Blast into Natural Tuned Frequencies in Harmony IN meditation at Orion, for your enjoyments at the Bay Lounge Sunsets or on the Dance floor at  Half Moon!