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Getting Deep with DJ Annie G - Phangan Djs

26 Apr 2014

As one of the few female DJ's on Koh Phangan Annie G is a talented bubbly personality who started her love affair with music at a young age in Ireland.

I wanted to know more about her DJing background and also find out what it's like to be a female in such a predominantly male industry. Sat on Leela Beach watching the sunset with a glass of wine she shared her story with me.

When did you first fall in love with music and realise that you wanted to be a dj?

Well I played piano since I was 5 years old so always loved music - I used to love making mix tapes and listened to 90's artists like
the chemical brothers, fat boy slim, orbital, prodigy and moby. I look back now and laugh but I started going to the underage discos and they were where it all began.

Finally I invested in a fake ID and went to Godskitchen, partied like crazy and I felt inspired to become a dj myself.

So where did you learn how to DJ?

I was accepted onto a DJ course in Ireland when I was 20. They taught me how to mix and scratch vinyl, I got a pair of technics 1210's and just couldn't stop practicing!!
I decided that once I finished the next step would be to study sound engineering and music technology to expand my knowledge and learn more about music production.


Which DJ's would you say most influence your music style?

I would say DJ's Carlio Wehbba, Dosem, Christian Smith, D-nox, Beckers, Coyu, John Tejada, Guy J and Joris Voorn are a few of my favourites.


With pop stars like Paris Hilton slating the reputation of female DJ's do you ever find being a woman a stigma in the DJing scene?

I do feel that people actually expect less of me as a female DJ also they expect me to only play trance or cheesy music for some reason.
Women like DJ Lisa Lashes had a bit of a reputation for getting her tits out which encouraged female dj's to be seen as a sex symbol rather than an equal talent.
It's not a good example to set for other DJ's out there! I think you should be recognised by the music you play and how you mix it.
I've been asked before a gig to "wear as little as possible" which I'm sure is not a request usually asked of male DJ's!


Doesn't that bother you being asked to show more flesh at a gig?

No not really you can't take these things personally I just laughed it off and dressed in an outfit I loved!

So has living on Phangan changed you as a Dj?

Yes definitely. Back in Ireland I only played for fun at house parties and occasionally had gigs in clubs. I was invited to play at Radio City (a major club in Dublin) but I put it off because I lacked confidence and ended up regretting it!
When I came to Koh Phangan I got so much support and encouragement from the Frarang community that I thought 'fuck it I can and I will do this!'
Before I used to shake with nerves when I was playing for a big crowd but now I love it and thrive off the energy, there is nothing better than a dance floor full of people enjoying your music and wanting more!



Where is one of your favourite places to play?

I really love playing at Fubar in Haad Rin. It's not a huge bar but the energy created there is amazing you really feel connected with everyone on the dance floor and it's easy to get lost in the music!

Where else have you played on Koh Phangan?

I've played at Loi Lay, Pit Stop, Secret Garden, Heaven, Oasis and on the Full Moon Beach.

Which venue would you most like to play at where you haven't already played?

There are a few places I would love to play but Merkaba is definitely top of the list!

Where will we see you next?

I'm resident at Fubar so you can catch me there on Mondays for their Monday Sessions party.
I play a deep and dirty House set at Phangan Underground nights too - they're always fun because you get to hear so many different styles of music!
I've also been asked to be the new resident at Heaven with Andy Newman which is exciting so you can catch me there in the future.


What does your tattoo say on your side?

Haha it's my favourite quote and something I try to live by it says:
"Live as if you'll die tomorrow and dream as if you will live forever."