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DJ Tribal Sky - Interview

6 Apr 2016

tribalsky at the backard in Haad Rin
tribalsky at the backard in Haad Rin

Hi Misha. Thank you for making this interview.
When did you first arrive to Koh Phangan?
I came here for the first time 4 years ago. 
The first time I visited I stayed here for 3 months. 
I come from Moscow so I went back there to work for 1 year to earn and save money for traveling, working at my old job in General Motors. After working 1 year I quit the job and came back to Koh Phangan to try to live here - for a while at least.
When did you start DJ’ing where did you play?
After I came back to the Island I started to DJ. 
The first party I played at here was at The Holiday Beach Resort about 2 years ago.
At that time we had a small community going on around Holiday Beach with Andrey Pugachev and Vika Koneva. We were making parties at the Beach bar there. Many of my friends were – and are - DJ’s so it was like having our own Playground there. In the beginning it was mostly between friends but it grew bigger and after a while we had a some nice parties. Now that “Family” has moved on and have either left Phangan or moved to other parts of the universe . 
What style of music are you playing?
In the beginning when I was DJ’ing I was playing more Techno than I do now. With time my style developed combining also Deep House, Tech House and other styles. It’s a bit softer and also more danceable in some way. I guess I am a big soft guy myself so that fits very well together. 

Misha at the backyard party
Misha at the backyard party

Where did you have gigs on KP?
Now after 2 years of Dj’ing I have been playing at nearly every Techno or House party on the Island.
This month I will play at Sramanora waterfall party were i am one of the resident DJs together with Peter G, Filippo Calvenzi and Venus Vibes.
How is the Moscow party scene and how is it compared to the Koh Phangan scene?
The party scene in Moscow is good but completely different!
It is different people, different music and very different vibes and it can be very expensive to go out.

Tribalsky play at the fullmoon party
Tribalsky play at the fullmoon party

To buy a drink you will have to pay 20$ in some places. Moscow have many big clubs where many famous DJs comes every week so you do get something out of the money you spend but personally I prefer Phangan's party style much more than the scene in Moscow as the music style there is darker, fitting to a big metropolis. 
Maybe that’s why I also played much more Techno when I started here, because that was what I was used to from back home. On this Island you automatically join into the Chill Vibe and everything becomes more relaxed and cozy. I think my music mirrored that. 
There were many parties organized by Koh Phangan Russian community at the last season.
During this season the Russian community here made some parties. There was some on the way to Thong Nai Pan at Air Lounge, up the hill and deep in the jungle. There was also a party by the big Lake in Sri Thanu.
Where do you think the party scene on Koh Phangan will go to in the near future?
This year we already had some famous DJ’s such as Marcus Meinhardt and Empro. They played at Guys Bar and at the Sramanora waterfall party. They both come to play their own style and also to ping pong with the local DJ’s. I believe this trend will grow stronger and bring more famous DJ’s to the island.

Tribal Sky, Venus Vibes, Peter G and Julian
Tribal Sky, Venus Vibes, Peter G and Julian

Which parties are your favorite ones on Koh Phangan?
The Sramanora party, Backyard and the Guy's Bar on Fridays followed by Eden Garden’s party on Saturdays are my favorites right now. Now there is also The Recovery Room. It is a nice place to make chill and after-party after the major ones.
What is a good party for you?
For me all you really need for a good party is good music, whatever style is fitting for that place and nice people with a Good Vibe.