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Back to paradise (by Orion)

13 Dec 2010


The universe is dancing and no one here to stop it, at least for the next hours. Oh, how much I missed you - Disneyland, how much I missed you cute drop, or not?!?
Everybody is bouncing, moving, running, jumping, managing to detach the ground, just me moving slowly, not really manage to go wild, I’m heavy, my legs are heavy, can’t detach the crawling sand underneath me, I don’t want my feet on the ground, don’t want!
I’m in Thailand, Koh Phangan, people with feet on the ground stay back home, so why?
Want to fly like everyone else, everything is heavy, moving, so crowded and still alone, so loud and still quite.
Damn I want to jump, want to dance like everybody else!
fuck’em all!
I feel good on the ground, feel good.
I’m moving by my own pace, in my own world, my own safe world with my ground, with my heaviness and fuck’em all.
All around swans and nets and a lot of geometric shapes and everything alive, so alive, coming and going spinning and kicking.
Like teasing me and telling me come and stop me, let’s see you stopping me, lost war, give me few hours.
For now I need water, if I don’t have water now either I’m passing out or vaporizing.
Hey there, just in front of me, water, so close, so much.
What an excitement, I’ve found water!
Fuck, it’s the ocean!
One tiny and unimportant detail separates me and my mental quiet.
I guess no other option; I have to go to the bar, where did I put the money?
Ye, right, in my handbag, where did I lay it down?
Ye, right next to the pole, it’s gonna be a very uneasy mission, very uneasy.
Now all I have to do is to go to the pole with the birds or the swans, all the time moving, hard to say, grab the handbag, find the bar, tell the bartender ג€œnaamג€ (water in Thai), much shorter than water, unzip the zipper, find 20 baht note, take out the note, give the pimpled guy, take out the plastic cover against the cheater s who collect empty bottles and fill them in with tap water, open the cap and drink.
No way I’m doing all of it, no way!
To plan a purchasing water project is one thing, to carry out, it’s not gonna happen.
I’ve heard about people with special powers that are able by their mind only, to make things to happen, maybe I’m one of them, worth a try .
Water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water
Who is it with a jumper? Greg?
What is he holding there between his hands?
Hallelujah! It worked!
An angle! Yes, there are angels in Switzerland, not only pocket knives.
The next goal, the sun!
It’s dark here, I want some sun, I want some light, and time has come after several of hours here that I see where I’m for god sake.
And moreover the ultra purple light starts to drive me crazy.
Far away first light spot is starting to appear from the depths of the horizon, is that you or I am imagining again?
What the fuck those colors?
I didn’t know those colors exist, now the clouds are being seen, the clouds are being seen, and they are swelling and growing smaller, and swallowing and vomiting, and getting closer, also there are coming to participate the party, and I naively thought clouds like jazz, I don’t know way I’ve decided that clouds listen to Norah Jones, but now it’s getting clear and obvious that clouds love Psy-trance, not less than ants.
Yes I fill them on me, walking and crawling all over my body. Laterally they are running all over me, where did so many ants come from, and why over me?
Stop, enough, I’ve had enough, I got sick of being your racecourses!
Fuck off! Go!
Tania, do you have scissors?
I can’t stand this pain anymore, can’t
Someone is standing behind me the last couple of hours and pulling my hair and pulling and pulling, I’m in pain, so pain, how to stop it?
Anyone has scissors??
No one hears me!
Anyone has scissors??
Ass holes! All of you, ass holes!!
Scissors, just fuckin’ scissors, two minutes, cut my hair, and no more this continuously pain, this suffering pain !
Lukas, WOW!!
I want to share with him my emotions, ask him what the fuck those colors? What the fuck is going on here? How much beauty there is in the world when humans not involved.
WOW I’m still able to say, all the rest, no chance.
Come on guys, grow up, stop push each other to the water and please stop wrestling as gorillas, and fuck off! Get out from my sunrise frame!
Don’t like the buckets people, at least not now, the Japanese chick doesn’t like them either, not now after they pushed her to the water, her and her Japanese camera with her Japanese pictures.
Come on; is that a reason to cry? Probably in Japan yes, I’ve heard they are sensitive.
But honey, what do you want from me? How come I got involved?
No, they are not my friends but anyway I apologize, why I apologize!?!
I’ve done more than enough to make them disappear, I swear!
Ye, I am annoyed by them as well but they’re not listening to me.
Apparently my special powers like this trip, one way.
I can make things show up, disappear it’s for Uri Gelers and like.
She is very cute the girl over there, let’s go see if I’m able to communicate.
Nice ha? Tell me, the clouds are really dancing with us or it’s just me?
Ye, you’re absolutely right, it’s not just me, it’s everybody here.
Why do you look so worried?
No, you don’t to worry about your wild crazy friends, ye it’s true they need a kindergarten teacher, they look happy though.
Fuck it, enjoy the party, enjoy the music, and enjoy me.
In the worst case they will drown to death, and as it seems neither me nor France will stand a memorial minute for them any black moon party.
Where are they grabbing you to? I got it
The wet look definitely fits you.
Now I understand why you were worried, ye, ye, surely you had a good reason.
Please take my jumper, dry yourself.
No you don’t have to give it back but if in few years you gonna fill strong urge to give it back, start to look for me, probably you will not find me but I am sure you gonna find something,
It’s not the destination which important, it’s the way.
My deep personality, somehow, pops up any time I’m on drugs.
Pops up, say some wisdom, or bullshit, it’s a matter of view point, and returns back in till the next show up.
I was so lucky that after couple of minutes or couple of hours Cristina came back with the jumper, thanked me, and said that she doesn’t need it anymore.
So lucky!
I needed it so much after I threw up.
No warning, no bad feeling, no nausea, as simple as is, came out.
This exactly what happens when you mix, I thought I have enough experience and I’m old enough to know that never ever you mix 7/11 food with LSD.
I just hope no one saw me, you know what, and they can fuck themselves.
I just hope Cristina didn’t see.
I will run little bit further, get into the water, wash my face and go back as good as new.
What the fuck is this water?!? What the fuck is this?!?
It’s not water, it’s oil, something between grease and gross.
It’s bad, it’s very bad
My hands are covered with it, my body, and my face!!
What a pleasure, a mix of vomit and grease, such a culinary experience.
I’m so lucky, I’m so lucky the French chick brought the jumper back, it’s better a jumper covered by this exiting soup than my face.
What the Thai girl is doing there next to the water in a vomiting position?
Apparently she saw everything it and she got the desire too, what a shame, fuck herself.