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Bioenergetics : Get out of the Comfort Zone - a workshop


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Bioenergetics is one of the most effective ways to be in the present moment, taking us to the core of our inner being through layers of our ego, traumas and physiological defenses that stop us from truly experiencing the beauty of our authentic selves. It involves using physical exercises, breathwork and dance.

About Rakendra
Straightforward in his approach, Rakendra has a unique way of working which combines humor, playfulness and the courage to bring light to the darker parts of our being.

Using Bioenergetics and other forms of energy work, Rakendra works to unravel blocks stored in peoples bodies enabling them to heal and expand their capacity to live.

A member of the BACP, Rakendra has been involved with Bioenergetics since 1998, training in both the Humaniversity Holland and Namaste Bioenergetics community in Brazil.

Workshop cost TH500 walk in OR
THB 350 advance booking

14 Jan 18:30

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