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Come and stay with us! Phanganist Family, we write the Phangan story with you

5 Dec 2016

Sweet! Phanganist Hostel!

A new playground for the Phanganist Family and Friends!

Our first month as Hostel partners!

Pretty exciting and pretty new!

So new and so fresh, ready for a high season on Phangan. How many years did I not travel around alone, but never lonely, from hostel to hostel. Not just because dormitories are cheap, at some point in my life it was nothing to do with economic, rather the whole concept idea of a hostel and dormitory, that when you arrive you are never alone.

In a big hotel or guest house unity, you easy get to hang around alone, sit by the pool alone, go to the bar alone, eat your meals in the restaurant alone and finally go back to lock your door and watch a bit of telly before you say goodnight .. to yourself.

The beauty of the hostels, is the never ending beauty of people really!

The idea to travel is already the idea to meet new people from different places in the world than what you already know of.

You travel to meet new friends and to learn about different traditions, cultures and how to tell a foreign joke when you return home.

And what better place to meet than in the Phanganist hostel. Already full of Phanganist friends and family!

Our office is @ the hostel, meaning that when you stay with us, you are also a part of the ongoing story we write about Phangan. You are any day welcome to pop in with a good idea to create in the hostel or to publish in our daily updated Phanganist.com magazine! Anytime you have a good idea for a project, event , trip, party or happening. Pop into our office in your own hostel backyard and have a chat with us! We are open to all kind of suggestions and have a great crew that you might even can make jump around on the tongue if you really ask nicely ..

With Phanganist Hostel you are not just “staying at a hostel on Phangan”. With us you are a part of the ongoing written history of Phangan. You can any day come in and add your own perspective or your own ideas. No where else will this be offered to you along with your luxury dorm bed!

You will become a living part of the written history of Phangan. You have easy access to be a part of Phangan Life. Make your own page in our magazine with your own project or art. Be a part of our events and happenings, give us updates about your project or travels. Would you like to have a travel blog with us? Photos, articles, hostel life, trips. Something you want to recommend to others? Do it with us!

Your dorm is our living Magazine!

What you can think of, we like to help you with come true on Phangan!

Write the story of Phangan with us ..