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From Koh Phangan to Bangkok - By Bicycle!

6 Jan

Phanganist speak to Mr Chaw, keen cyclist at the age of 69 years old who recently took part in a 200 person strong cycling tour from Koh Phangan to Bangkok. The total distance of the event was 666 km. The route they took was Surat Thani to Hua Hin and then upward to Bangkok.

We catch up with him at his shop P...Nee Bikes in Ban Tai to find out more….

Mr Chaw, great to meet you, can you tell us more about the event?

It was 200 people.

Not fast. The head team control [the pace]. The event took 4 days and 3 nights in total for everyone. We slept in hotels. Then we come back by car.


Wow, who organised everything?

Just friends. At first we have just 10 people. Then get more. Many people from Surat Thani and some from Koh Phangan.

Every person contributed to make 300,000 Baht all together for everything- the food, the hostels. Each person give 2,800 Baht each.

What did you bring along on the trip?

All together I bring 50kg luggage with me. Everything - trousers, medicine, shoes, spare parts for the bicycle. I have 4 luggage areas on the bike.

For this distance, you need good quality, you see…

XTR - these are the best brand for gears.


Mr Chaw takes us over to show us his touring bike, with beautiful leather seat and fitted luggage compartments, it looks great for long distance adventures. Mr Chao shows us his bike.

And Hawker food, you know hawker food?

The tires are German called “continental”.

We ask Mr Chao about the mini boom-box attached to the front of his bicycle.

One trip I go alone, in Vietnam, I leave my friend behind. I have 135km to go myself. So I bring music. I have many songs.

Mr Chao starts playing The Eagles, ‘Desperado’.

What was the hardest part of the trip?

Pattaya… I cycle many places: Cambodia, Vietnam, but this was hard… up and down… up and down.

Also Chumphon, big hills. Every time you finish, you see one more!


What was the best thing about it?

Afterwards is very good for the mouth!


Food tastes great?

Yes! Very good.

Mr Chao is familiar with long trips. He tells us about another trip he made with friends to Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia.

He clearly has a passion for cycling and isn’t phased taking on huge distances across Thailand and neighbouring countries.

Mr Chao, when he’s back on Koh Phangan, runs the bicycle shop P...Nee renting out motorbikes and trail and mountain bicycles in Baan Tai.

Go along and see him.

Whether it’s going somewhere you’ve never been before by bicycle, motorbike or any other mode of transportation, we can all be inspired by Mr Chaw’s sense of adventure...

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